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  1 : Important reminds   

(1)  Scams are around you ,they are mostly hunting around the Tian`anmen square , the Forbidden city or just around your hotel , some young people from other cities do this sort of dirty thing: they(normally they are two people " work"  together ) approach to you ,pretenting tourists talk to you :"  hello , I want to practise my English ( or other excuse ) then show you around and take you to a"black" tea house to have a break , after a bad tea ceremony and sip a couple of ounces of tea and charge you a couple of hundred US dollars , they actually work for the black  tea house ,they are horrible ,they should be put into jail, be careful , please .  

(2) please do not take any of the street rickshaw , some of them are robbers . 

(3)please do not buy anything from street vendors , they charge you very high price and possible give you fake bill for change .

(4) " art student" : they are actually painting sales ( not art student at all ) bad quality paintings , overpriced , be careful .    

  2: Due to the Beijing traffic restriction and parking fee is high , make you are getting more and more difficult to get a cab, especially , in rush hour you may waiting a half hour to get a cab , so you `d better to book tours to  make your  time  effecient  .

  3:please try to avoid to arrange your China vacation in some Chinese holidays if  possible ,because in these time all the sites and traffic are terrible busy ,the times are : (1) Qingming : April 4th ,5th ,6th. (2) May holiday  :May 1st,2nd,3rd . (3) National day holiday :Oct 1st-----7th .(4)  Chinese new year ,dragon boat festival ,mid-autumn festival , are all by lunar calander ,so do not have fixed date , I will launch them at news section in advance .

 4:Beijing trip last 3---4days  is the best time  range  to see the major sites .

  5: I  have seen many tourists take big shopping bags walking hours in sites ,  so if you touring yourselves ,go to the sites first and the shopping ,because most of the sites close at  4 ,5 o`clock in the afternoon but shopping places close at 7,8 even 9 o`clock in the evening ,and they open everyday , never have "holidays"  ,so never worry about your  shopping time in China  .  

 6: please never show your mercy to beggers , they are not poor, and they are maybe controled by some " organizions "  behind .                           

 7: To book an airport  private transport is a lot easier but cost more , regular "yellow cab" from airport to hotels normaly cost between 80----140 yuan , but you may queue for a half  hour, and maybe longer for bad weather , you need balance the convenience and cost . please  never take "black taxi",  they charge you crazy , follow the airport signs to taxi queue if you want to do yourself .

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